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You will find here at Harold White Lumber, Inc. we have a good standing reputation for honesty and integrity with loggers. Timber is a valuable asset, and we understand the hard workings of loggers. That is why we always ensure a fair price for your logs. Come visit and experience a sale that is convenient and hassle free! We offer competitive pricing as well as same day checks. We have two log buyers here at Harold White Lumber, Clyde Howard, which has been with the Harold White Lumber Family for almost a decade. We believe you will always be satisfied with the price and Clyde always appreciates a visit from friends!  We also have Josh Curtis, which recently joined our team here at Harold White Lumber.



We offer same day payment for all logs.  Feel free to drop buy or call with any questions. 

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specs on all species

 Unless otherwise noted, all specs are as follows:


Preferred minimum diameter of 12"


Lengths accepted: 8'6", 10'6", 12' 6", 14'6", 16'6"


Veneer lengths: 9'6" to 13'6" or doubles.


Longer lengths are preferred for top prices with a      diameter of 18" or greater.


No (or limited) defects, no wind shake, fire or worm damage


Log Buyer has the right to give top prices on shorter lengths when justifiable. 

Species                    Specs

Red Oak (Northern)  Minimum 10' and up, 20" tip for                                  best price

Black Oak                 

White Oak               Minimum of 10' and longer with                                  20" tip and clear-bright color                                      for top price

W/O Staves             8' and up, 14" tip and up

W/O Veneer             Minimum diameter of 16"

W/O Fencing            14' and 16' 12" and up

Chesnut Oak            10' and Up Clear Bright Color

                             19" tip for top price 

Chesnut Oak Prime   10' & 19" and up

Poplar                     10' & UP, 19" tip for top price

Bass Wood

Soft Maple

Hard Maple

Hard Maple Veneer    1/3 Heart 16' and longer


Cherry                    16" diameter and larger 

Cherry Veneer          4 Sides clear

Walnut                    3 Sides clear, 14" and up.

Walnut Veneer          4 Sides clear, 14" and up



Hemlock                  16' preferred

White Pine               16' preferred

Accounts Manager Regina Jaynes spotted an angel in the center of a Poplar log.

50 inch Yellow Poplar Log's bought by Clyde Howard on April 7th, 2015.